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Updated: Feb 20, 2019

In late fall of 2018, Writer Director Hart began seeing "Visions".

From Hart... "While overdosing on the last few weeks of the Indie-streaming service "FilmStruck", I began to have a resurgence of love for guerilla film-making. After decades apart I rediscovered my roots for filmmakers like Wim Wenders and suddenly my mind was on fire.

I began to see a pattern in cinema of bold filmmakers chasing visions. Wenders' "Road Pictures" started out as lean films made with technology he could get his hands on. Having just completed an experimental and tightly budgeted short with my wife as a favor for our friend at Conan O'Brien's, I began to realize how much the technology had changed the playing field with film-making. This was a bitter sweet moment for myself.

All the while this was going on I was asked to audition for a part on "Fear The Walking Dead". Something that I was both pleasantly surprised by and that I saw as a sign that perhaps I should also rediscover my roots with acting. After all I had raised financing for my debut feature film off of an Award Winning Short that I wrote / Directed and starred in.

At the same time I was preparing to undergo Mohs surgery to remove cancer from my face that I probably got during the filming of my debut film in Death Valley. After the success of the surgery I became more impassioned to dive into a challenging Independent feature w/o the trappings of the cast of thousands.

Also, Inspired by the experience of working in front of the camera for Nick Cassavetes on "Yellow" as well as Directing myself in my short "Dead End", I began seeing what would become "WAV". A film heavily inspired by my love of Rod Serling stories and a vehicle to showcase undiscovered talents like my wife Bonnie E. Hart and Larsen Saied.

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