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The Sound of Silence

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

First the text came in...

From Brett... "As the year was approaching an end, I woke to a random text from a number that I didn't recognize. It read something along the lines of "Brett call me...". I had NO idea who this was and assumed it was spam.

About three days later I heard from my good friend Richard Saied. "Did you get Larsen's Text?" This completely through me... as I couldn't imagine a 7 yr old boy texting me.

About two days later I got a call from the same number. When I answer it, a young boy's voice says... "Brett?" "Yes" I reply. "I want to be in one of your movies. And I have some cool ideas".

And from there the magic began.

Not only did I continue to talk with this young man who had a very clear vision of what he wanted in life... but I marveled at how advanced he was for his age. Not only did he remind me of myself at this age... but he also reminded me of his father. Here was a boy who was about to turn 8 years old going on 18.

And after that call, his father and I spoke very briefly. "Just spoke to Little L" I said... was he serious about wanting to be in a film?" "Yes" was Richard's reply followed by the two of us marveling at how he had managed to hold court and let us both know what he'd like out of life.

And with that... the two of us began brainstorming on how to further explore this exciting potential."

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