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Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Necessity is the mother of all inventions...

Throughout his lifetime, Brett has discovered that his very best work has been formed through assessing production challenges and how to best work around them.

While continuing to develop their untitled work in progress, Brett took into mind his and Bonnie's honeymoon... which was filled with magical white nights. More importantly, when they first arrived in Iceland they were both struck by how desolate the streets were.

Patterning their story around "The Twilight Zone" series, another show that excelled at maximizing production value, Brett began connecting the dots.

Since their story is heavily infused in American culture, Iceland would not work for a possible location. However, Alaska not only had equally enigmatic White Nights, but is also one of our United States.

And with that, the couple set out to tailor their story around all American locations and to bring in another member of their team that would be their liaison to Alaska while they continue to write.

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