An alarming number of people begin exhibiting signs of tinnitus that is spreading globally. After a couple contract the deafening "WAV", they blackout, only to awaken in a world where everyone that did not hear the noise no longer exists. And so begins the journey of this couple as they attempt to find answers to the inexplicable. A desolate new world is revealed to them, sporadically inhabited by phantoms, dreams, hunter drones, religious zealots, rogue militia, doppelgangers, and the discovery that man’s obsession with lines drawn in the sand ultimately results in imprisoning themselves.  

An homage to Rod Serling’s penchant for stories of the unimaginable with an allegory towards social and political themes.  In the vein of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, “The Leftovers”, and the Twilight Zone episodes “Where is Everybody”, “Walking Distance”, and “Mirror Image”.